Spring Refresher

How to Spring Clean Your Creativity: Four Exercises to Jumpstart Your Mind Featured in 

How to Create the Perfect Email Signature

Though countless emails are sent every day, many people don’t give their email signature much consideration.

Web Hosting 101

A simple read on what you should look for in a company to host your site.

The Internet of Things

What the Internet of Things means for marketers From smart fridges to lighting systems, everyday objects are moving into the future and syncing to the web.

Bow Wow

Leafs By Snoop Laid-back California cool inspires the branding for a line of marijuana-based products from hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg.

Eating with the Eyes

A book of 200 photographs by Harry Pearce, that was launched at London's Royal Academy.

Web design trends 2015

Top Web Design Trends for 2015 Original blog By 




Nike’s famous logo "brilliantly" redesigned to read as ‘NYC’ I'm not sure why it was done.


The Design of Everyday Things, Keeping it Simple Here is an article by Gisele Muller in which she discovers the simplicity and beauty in everyday objects.

An Ingenious Paper Map Zooms as You Unfold It

I'm on a bender about maps...following last weeks NYC on the street street maps - here's a VERY cool, beautifully designed zoomable maps! With a smartphone, Google Maps, and two fingers, you can summon pretty much any map you want, from a wide view of the seven continents to the handful of blocks immediately surrounding your house.

NYC’s New Maps Won’t Leave You (me) Lost

NYC streets are easy to navigate. Once you point your feet in the right direction.

Optus – Yes or No?

A 'yes' for the new 'yes' and ditching the old font and yellow box - other than that.

Get your scroll on

I'm the first to admit that I've certainly not been a big website scrolling lover.

Less is more

Truly productive people aren’t focused on doing more things; this is actually the opposite of productivity.

Head On Photo Festival

The brief: What can you show us in one frame? This is what people with cameras were asked when submitting photos to Sydney's internationally acclaimed, Head On Photo Festival.

New Face for Facebook

Did you know that Facebook has a new/refreshed/revised logo? Well they do.

There Are Only Four Jobs in the Whole World – Are You in the Right One?

Hmmmm, think I'm in the Thinkers & Builders categories.


Here's a little something that caught my eye whilst waiting for take out Thai.

Be a Hero: 5 steps to vanquish any problem

Some doable ideas on how to adjust your mindset - in both business and personal spheres.

5 tips for working with a graphic designer

Thought you might be interested in what another graphic designer thought were her top 5 tips for working with her.

South Australia: Knock Knock

Oh dear. Not the reaction I am sure Cato Partners and the South Australian Economic Development Board was after.

Famous Logos And The Cost Of Designing Them

What do you think? What logo is worth it's cost? And what is not?

Microsoft: New logo. New look.

Even though I am a Apple Mac girl.

100,000 staples

Artist Creates A City Using 100,000 Staples I have trouble putting fresh staples in the stapler.

Happy birthday Jamaica

If you can't quite wait till our winter is over and are craving some sunshine and laid back vibes.

Edible coffee cup

I am not a coffee drinker - but give me a version for hot chocolate - and I'm all over it! Would really like to try it.

First ever internet photo

A little flashback. Hadn't really thought about what the first image uploaded to the internet was.

Microsoft – a new ID

This is a great project to show the design process involved in updating Microsoft's branding and message.

Coca Cola Can can

Whilst I don't like the taste of Coca Cola (or any cola), this is a step in a positive direction given the number of people that LOVE Coke.

Wearing your fruits and vegies

Wow! Amazing outfits...and the models are....eating.

Colour forecast

I just love colour and the many combinations that create different moods, energy and feelings.

Surreal or Forreal?

A slice of imagination.

O iPhone

If you are like me, I struggle with where to put my phone in my bag (the ready made pockets are floppy), then when it is out of my bag/s, where to put it on my desk whilst working and then then whilst I am driving in the car with the charger and audio cord, it looks like it is hooked up to life support! But then where do I keep my earphones and USB charger cord? A messy mess. I want unknottable, retractable earphones that plug in by themselves and pop into my ears when I need to answer a call. That maybe next. Or maybe I should just bite it and buy bluetooth earpiece. But whilst I ponder at least this product from a Linked-in design group post solves the storage issue for the earphones. Designed by yankcodesign.com, I just like the IDEA of having a neat little drawer for the earphones plus it can stand up all by itself! "I’m sure you’ve picked up on the trend of iPhone cases that do more than just protect the device- we’ve seen designs with kickstands and others with compartments for headphones. Finally, here’s one that has both! The Ö Case features a multifunctional component that stores ear-buds and also doubles as a stand to prop up the device. It’s still compact enough that the user won’t notice a difference in size."