A Schimminger Architects project for Eco Housing in the Coffs Harbour Jetty area. Design for logo, website, posters and investor book  www.cityofhope.com.au

CityofHope_logoLogo design: Almond flower illustration (symbolises the promise and the beauty, resurrection)

COH_Dev&EnergyPostersPosters about the Development and how Energy is going to be generatedCOH_Dwell1&2_PostersPosters about each of the dwellingsCOH_Dwell3&4_Posters

Posters about each of the dwellings


Cover from Investor information bookCOH_Brochure_30Jan14_p13

Investor bookCOH_Brochure_30Jan14_p8

Investor bookCOH_Brochure_30Jan14_p5

Investor book